Phuket is located in the tropical zone. As such, the area has only 2 seasons: the summer season and the rainy season. Even though you may not enjoy fun activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing, there are other fun activities that you can enjoy in Phuket.

Relaxing Spa Treatment and Massage

If you are at a spa resort, you may feel good with the unexpected rain. However, if you are not in a spa resort or spa hotel, you can find a good one easily as there are many good spa shops on most of the beaches including Bang Tao, Kata, Patong, Pansea, Karon, Rawai, and Chalong.

The spa shops in Phuket offer facial treatment, body scrubs, massage, and other nice treatments. Traditional massage can cost as little as 300 THB or about 10 USD. A hotel receptionist can recommend a good spa shop as they know about good spa shops around.

Watching Muay Thai

If you have watched ‘Ong Bak’ (a movie), it may be a good idea to experience the real fighting art of Thailand. To know more about this, check our webpage of Thai Boxing. Watching Muay Thai is very exciting and maybe a fun activating for a rainy day.

Thai Cooking Classes

Thailand is regarded as the ‘Kitchen of the World’ and it may be a good idea to learn how to cook some of the famous food in Thailand including Kheaw Wan Kai (chicken in green curry), Pad Thai (fried noodle with eggs and vegetables), and Tom Yum Kung (peeled shrimp in hot and sour soup). Find out from your hotel whether they offer cooking classes. If it does not, look for them in Google.

The cooking school will ask you the dish you would like to learn how to prepare and it will prepare the ingredients needed to prepare the food. And the good thing is that a Thai teacher who speaks English will teach you. Some of them will give you a cooking certificate after completing the course. You will surely enjoy this activity. Our website has some Thai recommended dishes for your cooking class.

Shopping, Watching Movies, Bowling at Department Stores

Thailand usually does OEM for many well-known clothing brands and you can check for them in the following department stores: Central Shopping Mall, Jung Ceylon, and Outlet on the bypass road. These department stores sell quality clothes at a better price and it is good to check them out when you visit Phuket. If you do not love clothing, you can look at antiques, souvenirs, cheap computer and mobile devices, and doing activities like watching movies and bowling.

Health and Dental Check-Up

There are many professional and highly qualified doctors and dentists in Thailand. In fact, some people visit Thailand for medical treatment, especially surgery. Thailand offers quality and safe medical services at a cheaper price. So, it is good to check your health and teeth at an international hospital in Phuket such as Mission Hospital or Bangkok Hospital. There are many services offered including teeth cleaning, health checkup, and skin treatment.

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