A Look Inside Phuket

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Leaving home at any given time isn’t just a daunting task but one rife with danger. Traveling any distance is seen as an adventure, but staying safe during your travels is another story. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to trekking across the globe, here are some travel safety tips to get you started!

Don’t Travel With Flashy Valuables

Tourists often travel to beautiful yet impoverished areas where flashy jewelry is seen as a sign of wealth and being different. Not only does it negatively impact your interactions with the locals, but it can make you a target for theft. The best idea is to leave the fancy jewelry and designer things at home, and while you travel, opt for basic garments, accessories, and jewelry.

Choose A Safe Carrying Bag

While you’re traveling, it’s important to keep a close eye on your belongings. There are backpacks and handbags created just for travel. The natural curve and design of these products prevent strangers (pickpockets in this case) from gaining access to your valuables. If you’re only looking to take a few things on your trip, why not give a money belt a try?

Get Acquainted With Common Scams

Depending on where your travels take you, you may face scam artists by the dozen. In fact, many countries are notorious for scamming tourists in one way or another. A quick Google search is all it takes to prevent you from becoming the next target.

Try Dressing Less Like A Tourist

Perhaps the most obvious reason that tourists are targeted is simply that a) they look lost and b) they dress like tourists. Try blending in with local fashions— not in a disrespectful way mind you. Toning down your style makes you less of a target for criminals.

Know What To Do In Case Of An Emergency

Emergencies can happen to virtually anyone, and being in a foreign country can make it doubly worse. Before you reach your destination, do some research and get the phone numbers of emergency services and know where the police, hospitals, and clinics are located.

Staying safe during your travels is very much possible, but you need to read the information at your disposal and plan well ahead. As accommodating as many locals are towards tourists, don’t forget that many countries have individuals from a bad socioeconomic background. Leaving your flashy stuff behind and attempting to blend in can prevent potential safety concerns.

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Here are the list of beautiful beaches around Phuket. We start the beach from the North to the South of the Island with brief descriptions to you.

1. Mai Khao Beach

This is Phuket’s northernmost white sand beach. The turtle releasing festival takes place here in mid April every year.  You should not miss it.

2. Nai Yang Beach

The Nai Yang, together with Mai Khao , forms the longest and most secluded stretch of beach in Phuket. Both together is about 10 km. Nearby is the Sirinath National Park, a protected marine and coastal area. On 13 April every year there is a turtle release festival. Baby turtles are released back to the sea. Throughout November to March turtles always come back here to lay eggs.

3.Nai Thon Beach

It is a little piece of paradise.

4. Bang Tao Beach

Phuket’s longest beaches is Bang Tao. The Laguna Complex dominates most of the area.  There are luxurious resorts and villas along its 4 miles beach front. On the northern tip of the beach, tourists can visit and see local villagers which still make their living by fishing, farming and rubber tapping like like their ancestors.

5. Pansea Beach

This beach is the location of world class resort named Amanpuri. It has very beatiful location, peaceful atmosphere, and great view over.

6. Surin Beach

Standing on top of the hills of Surin beach, you will see great view overlooking the Andaman Sea. It is ideal place for all tourists but only millionaires could afford for this areas.

7. Kamala Beach

Kamala is well-enclosed bay surrounded by fishing village. It has developed so fast in the past years ,but it still retains a small-town feel. It is one of best recommended place for snorkeling so don’t forget to bring your top rated masks for snorkeling that cover the whole face for the best experience.

8. Patong Beach

Patong Beach, the most famous beach of Phuket, is the largest concentration of tourists and the best ideal place for who love party and play. There are chic hotels, restaurants, shops and night clubs lined up along its 4 km. seafront. Some people calls it as Pattaya in Phuket.

9. Karon Beach

Karon beach is next to Patong. It has long stretch of white sand and less crowded seashore. It is good destination for tourists who look for good combination of party and pleasure.

10. Kata Beach

Kata beach is split in two with Kata Noi to the south and the much longer Kata Yai to the north.  Kata Yai is the place of Club Med, and Kata Noi is the place for many five stars hotels. Kata has beautiful scenary with ite crystal clear water. It is the best place for who look for quiet place near the downtown.

11. Nai Harn Beach

Most of its beachfront land occupied by a temple, but its soft sands and clear water make Nai Harn a great place for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.  You can find some cheap backpacker huts here and some reasonable resorts.

12. Rawai Beach

First “discovered” by King Rama VII in the 1920s, Rawai is Phuket’s longest-established beach resort. At its north end, the sea-gypsy village still hasn’t changed much over the years. The beach is lined with open-air seafood stalls and restaurants for casual dining. Visitors can take boat trips to Hae Island (Coral Island), Bon Island, and Lone Island from Rawai.

13. Panwa Beach

The Cape Panwa, south of the busy Phuket Town, remains a nice peaceful place. Its lush hills, sandy coves, mangroves and tidal flats make it a good destination for exploring away from the crowds.

Undisclosure Beaches:

– Laem Singh Beach

By walking down from the road of hill toip of Patong, you will explore this hidden diamond beach. Laem Singh is a beautiful small beach which has no bungalows and hotels. Here you will see only a few small restaurants and ecological accommodation like huts.

Emerald Beach

Situated on the headland south of Patong, Emerald Beach is the perfect place for sun lovers. Along its 500 meter, there is a long line of northern-facing sunbeds.

– Paradise Beach

It is stunningly beautiful and is safe for swimming all year. You can have a great view right across the Patong Bay from here.

Freedom Beach

This is an isolated private beach with white sand and small open restaurants. Its coral reefs are the best on the island. Bring your mask and fins. You should come here by taking long-tail boat.

– Ya Nui Beach

Ya Nui is in the shadow of two of Phuket’s nicest viewpoints; Phrom Thep and the viewpoint featuring large white windmill. It’s a charming little place featuring good snorkeling, kayaking and fishing.

– Ao Yon Beach

It is a home to a large shrimp farm but very attractive and virtually deserted with a great view out to Chalong Bay and Lone Island. 

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Phuket is located in the tropical zone. As such, the area has only 2 seasons: the summer season and the rainy season. Even though you may not enjoy fun activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing, there are other fun activities that you can enjoy in Phuket.

Relaxing Spa Treatment and Massage

If you are at a spa resort, you may feel good with the unexpected rain. However, if you are not in a spa resort or spa hotel, you can find a good one easily as there are many good spa shops on most of the beaches including Bang Tao, Kata, Patong, Pansea, Karon, Rawai, and Chalong.

The spa shops in Phuket offer facial treatment, body scrubs, massage, and other nice treatments. Traditional massage can cost as little as 300 THB or about 10 USD. A hotel receptionist can recommend a good spa shop as they know about good spa shops around.

Watching Muay Thai

If you have watched ‘Ong Bak’ (a movie), it may be a good idea to experience the real fighting art of Thailand. To know more about this, check our webpage of Thai Boxing. Watching Muay Thai is very exciting and maybe a fun activating for a rainy day.

Thai Cooking Classes

Thailand is regarded as the ‘Kitchen of the World’ and it may be a good idea to learn how to cook some of the famous food in Thailand including Kheaw Wan Kai (chicken in green curry), Pad Thai (fried noodle with eggs and vegetables), and Tom Yum Kung (peeled shrimp in hot and sour soup). Find out from your hotel whether they offer cooking classes. If it does not, look for them in Google.

The cooking school will ask you the dish you would like to learn how to prepare and it will prepare the ingredients needed to prepare the food. And the good thing is that a Thai teacher who speaks English will teach you. Some of them will give you a cooking certificate after completing the course. You will surely enjoy this activity. Our website has some Thai recommended dishes for your cooking class.

Shopping, Watching Movies, Bowling at Department Stores

Thailand usually does OEM for many well-known clothing brands and you can check for them in the following department stores: Central Shopping Mall, Jung Ceylon, and Outlet on the bypass road. These department stores sell quality clothes at a better price and it is good to check them out when you visit Phuket. If you do not love clothing, you can look at antiques, souvenirs, cheap computer and mobile devices, and doing activities like watching movies and bowling.

Health and Dental Check-Up

There are many professional and highly qualified doctors and dentists in Thailand. In fact, some people visit Thailand for medical treatment, especially surgery. Thailand offers quality and safe medical services at a cheaper price. So, it is good to check your health and teeth at an international hospital in Phuket such as Mission Hospital or Bangkok Hospital. There are many services offered including teeth cleaning, health checkup, and skin treatment.

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Wow there is so many choices of cuisine to choose from and if you love food, then you will love Phuket. There are restaurants, 5 star restaurants, eateries, side stalls and even your humble cart cook to get a scrumptious feed to suit every pellet serving a huge selection of Western, International and Asian cuisine.

But for me l go to Thailand for Thai food and l have been a little daring with my snacks this trip trying some of the cuisine of a humble Thai lady serving freshly cooked chicken skewers of her cart near my resort (delicious) and the price 20 baht each. But my Favourite would have to be a banana pancake made fresh in front of you with honey on top a lovely light snack for the afternoon price 40 baht as you can see you can snack on a budget if you desire.

While Thai food is renowned world-wide for its wonderful flavours and fresh ingredients, Phuket is especially famous for its seafood, and you don’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy the most scrumptious of dishes. My favourite Seafood place to go is like a seafood market in a way but it’s a row of 10 seafood restaurants side by side with all fresh or live ingredients including, crayfish, mud crab and the biggest tiger prawns. So just frolic between them and see which one can give you the best deal or service, l don’t think you will be disappointed. And if they don’t have your favourite drink just BYO or go across the road into seven eleven and buy it, they won’t charge you corkage like back at home.

Some tips l have picked up along the way when choosing food, l do have a sensitive stomach so l always go with these tips personally, if eating of the carts make Shaw it is cooked and cooked in front of you, l personally keep away from salads because they are washed in water and when served lce make shaw it has the little holes in it that means the ice is made with drinking water and always drink water out of a freshly opened bottle of drinking water very cheap around 7 baht in Seven Eleven. And another biggy clean your teeth and rinse your mouth in bottled drinking water. 

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Here are some info about Phuket

Phuket is the largest and most popular island in Thailand . 48 km long and 21 km wide, situated in south Thailand , on the west cost of Thailand , in the Andaman sea. The island is connected to Thailand with a bridge, and therefore you can go from Bangkok to phuket also by bus or by car, but most tourists prefer to reach phuket by flight (about 1.5 hours from Bangkok and 2 hours in direct flight from chiang mai).

Phuket district is full of beautiful scenery. The island contains mountains and forests as well as beautiful white sand beaches, and turquoise water. Phuket has a wide range of tours and activities to offer such as: rafting, atv in phuket forests, cable slide in the forest, diving, speed boat to the surrounding islands, cruise to to phang nga area where you can see the huge lime stone rocks coming out of the water, view points over phuket beaches, and of course night life.

Phuket has many accommodation options from exclusive and expensive hotels and resorts to cheap and comfortable guest houses. Use Amba Hotel discount codes or any kind of discount to save money on your trip. There are some famous beaches, different from one another:

Patong beach: suitable for singles. Patong beach has the busiest night life: parties, disco, pubs, restaurants, etc. which are mostly concentrated around the famous (some say infamous) bangla road. There are many hotels in Patong Beach, as well as guest houses suitable for backpackers.

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Karon beach: this is a more quite beach than patong. More suitable for families and couples, and less for singles. However, in this beach you can also enjoy restaurants and pubs. Most of the beach is occupied with Hilton hotel and tavorn palm beach resort. a bit more to the north, there’s the Aroona Plaza which houses some good restaurants and cafes, a few pubs and a hotel.

Karon beach

Kata beach: a bit south of karon beach. Attracts mainly families especially because of its white beaches, clear water, and palm trees. U may also find some good restaurants there, but no night life.

Kata beach

Kamala beach: north of patong beach. A very quite and peaceful place, surrounded by forested hills. Due to its relaxed atmosphere, the beach is more popular with retirees and long term visitors staying in small hotels, villas and apartment rentals nestled around the village

Kamala beach

There are other beautiful beaches which are worth visiting even for few hours like: bang tao, surin, pansea, lame singh, emerald beach, paradise beach, nai harn, cape panwa and more.

Here is a map of Patong beach


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